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4. The Mythical Peak

Abeliona - Neda - Lykaio - Abeliona

Trail description

If one wants to better understand the terrain of the area, this route is the best way! It is a demanding route, yet with stunning views of almost every part of it. Starting from Abeliona, the route initially descends to the country road, until it reaches the point where the “Berekleiko” stone arched bridge is located. From there begins a persistent uphill, with gentle but also steeper slopes, which after passing through the settlement of Neda, gradually climbs the slopes of Mount Lykaio.

At the end of the first big uphill, the field of vision changes, and in the background appears Mount Tetrazi, but also Taygetos. The spring with its cool water, which descends directly from the top of Mount Lykaio, compensates one for the effort of the ascent. From now on, the uphills have a gentler slope. The route now passes over the settlement of Ano Karies, with unrestricted views of the plain of Megalopolis, before reaches the plateau where the Lykaia (famous races that also had horse racing) took place in ancient times. The ancient remains brought to light by the archeological dig are visible in the area.

The route continues uphill and with a panoramic view of the Neda valley this time, ends at the top of Mount Lykaio, which overlooks almost all the mountains of the Peloponnese. In the area of the peak there are scattered relics of ancient finds, as well as the altar of Zeus.

From the top of Mount Lykaio, the route continues on a downhill dirt road, which ends at Abeliona, offering ample views in all directions.


23.2 km h ‘ 5/5

Starting point: Abeliona

Ending poind: Abeliona

Main sights: Abeliona, Neda, Lykaio

Connected to: 1. The Rural Route2. Walk in the Woods3. The Road of Water5. Bucolic Landscape8. Time Travel

Sightseeing spots


Built on the notorious crossroads of three counties, Arcadia, Ilias and Messinia, Abeliona is a traditional mountain village surrounded by chestnut forests and innumerable natural springs. Cobblestone streets and old stone houses, hiding images, sounds and scents from another era, reveal themselves for a moment, before the fresh, mountainous air drifts away. A place that turns simple daily delights, into unique experiences that you want to experience again.