Project Description

7. Walk with a View

Sklirou - St. Therapon - Sklirou

Trail description

This route is a short cycling ride on the western slopes of Mount Vigla. Starting from the picturesque settlement of Skliros, through a dirt road with a gentle slope, the route ends at the beautiful church of Saint Therapontas, with stunning views to the Epicurean Apollo and Ancient Eira.


6.3 km h ‘ 1/5

Starting point: Sklirou

Ending poind: Sklirou

Main sights: Sklirou, St. Therapon

Sightseeing spots


Almost upon the trail, the visitor will meet the village’s tavern, named “O Skliros”. It is open all day and the hospitable tavern, with food and drink, will provide you with the energy you need to continue your hike.