Project Description

5. Bucolic Landscape

Agia Paraskevi - Keraies - Kouvela - Kampos - Agia Paraskevi

Trail description

The landscape of the area is extremely bucolic, with a sense of calmness and serenity, but at the same time testifying the efforts of the older generations, when they cultivated these places during the so-called “stone years”.

The route offers a smooth and enjoyable tour of this bucolic landscape, passing through “lakes”, abandoned, terraces, fountains, chapels and old stone herds, combining them with a wonderful view.


9.8 km h ‘ 3/5

Starting point: Agia Paraskevi

Ending poind: Agia Paraskevi

Main sights: Agia Paraskevi, Keraies, Kouvela , Kampos

Connected to: 4. The Mythical Peak6. The Parhtenon of the Peloponnese