Project Description

9. Trail of Innocence

Abeliona - Andritsena - Epicurius Apollon - Sklirou - Marina - Kakaletri - Eira - Neda Springs - Abeliona - Neda- Ano Karies - Archeological site of Likeo - Likeo Mnt, - Agios Sostis -Abeliona

This route crosses all points of interest of the Apollo Trails. Choose this route as a small child would decide. Innocent. Without any motivation. Without any desire. Start as if you do not know what will take you out and let the experiences of this hike appear as surprises, as if you do not know what the next day will be.


57.1 km 7 days 4/5

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Trail description

This trail combines parts of the individual Apollo Trails routes, offering the possibility of a multi-day hike to get to know each other in depth of the area. As not all settlements offer accommodation yet, it is recommended to pre-agree with the accommodations for your transfer to and from the starting and ending points. The hiking proposal is as follows:

Day 1: Abeliona – Andritsaina

Day 2: Andritsaina – Epicorios Apollo – Sklirou

Day 3: Sklirou – Marina

Day 4: Marina – Kakaletri – Ira – Kakaletri

Day 5: Kakaletri – Petra – Abeliona

Day 6: Abeliona – Neda – Ano Karyes

Day 7: Ano Karies – Peak of Lycaio Mountain – Abeliona