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Trail of Rhea | Ano Karyes – Agios Georgios

Trail description

The Trail of Rhea is a short loop trail, 1.74 km in total length, easily accessible from the village of Ano Karyes. The trail diverges from the main road into the village, travels along a ridge to the east of the village, and ends with a view of the so-called “Cave of Rhea.”

There is a trailhead sign where the path connects to the road. In Greek mythology Rhea was the mother of Zeus, and ancient literary sources, Callimachus and Pausanias, tell us that Rhea gave birth to Zeus on Mt. Lykaion.

A very prominent cave is located on a ridge immediately to the east of Ano Karyes that is of great importance to the modern village. The new Trail of Rhea leads to a spectacular vantage point that faces this cave, also known locally as the “Refuge Cave”because it was utilized in the Greek War of Independence.

The town of Megalopolis is also visible from this point.


1,74 Km 35′ 1/5

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Starting Point: Agios Georgios
Ending Point: Agios Georgios